Foundress of school

CLAUDINE THEVENT was a woman called by God to form the Congregation of Jesus and Mary.Her work was born in the heart crushed by the pain of personal tragedy during the French Revolution.Two of her brothers were shot dead before her eyes and the family was distressingly scattered.

Claudine was then 19 years of age and this event was a decisive turning point in her life.God works in such wondrous ways to realize his designs.She concluded that in all the violence she witnessed there was more ignorance than malice.The thought of those who live and die without knowing God,haunted her and caused her anguish.Far from joined in upon herself in suffering, she opened her heart to the miseries surrounding her.Led by the spirit Claudine first opened her door to welcome two little orphans,a door which would never close.Many young girls would later cross the threshold of the institutions founded by Claudine’s Companions throughout the world.

Her response to the call of God took form in the total commitment of herself to the following of Christ.A Religious family was born in the Church……


Claudine’s ideal was to make God known and loved by means of CHRISTIAN EDUCATION in all social milieux. This ideal remains as the aim of the Congregation with the preference inherited from the Foundress for the YOUNG and among them the POOR.