Rules & Regulations

Our school has specific rules which every individual needs to follow for a proper and smooth functioning of the school.

School Uniform - All Pupils without exception are required to wear the School Uniform. Parents must ensure that their children are always neat and tidy, wearing uniforms which are fresh, clean and strictly according to the School pattern prescribed. School uniform forbids use of any jewellery or make up, long nails with varnish is not a part of the school uniform. The school is not responsible for lost watches and ornaments. Boys must have their hair trimmed above shirt collars. Girls keeping long hair must use red ribbons. Hair dyeing and stylish hair cut is strictly prohibited.

Uniform for Girls - White box pleated skirt. The pleats should be stitched down to 4” in length. White blouse with red buttons and school monogram embroidered on it. Red cotton bloomers with elastic on waist and legs / tights. Red and white striped belt and socks. Black Shoes. White Canvas shoes for P.T., Red ribbon/Hair band. Red Cardigan/Blazer for winter and red panty hose/tights. House coloured T-Shirt and shorts for sports & yoga out fit.

Uniform for Boys - White Pant / Shorts, White Shirt with monogram embroidered on the pocket, red and white stripped belt and shocks. Black shoes, White canvas shoes for P.T., Red cardigan / Blazers for winter, Long pants and full sleeves shirts (white), House colour T-shirt and shorts for sports and yoga outfit.

Examination & Promotion -
  • No examination is held in classes L.K.G, K.G. & I. The daily progress of the pupil in oral and written work is assessed and recorded. A grading system is used for all the subjects.
  • The school year is divided into two terms and results will be intimated to the parents through the progress report. Parents / Guardians should go through the progress report, sign it, and return it to the school.
  • There will be no re-examination for absent students.
  • To secure promotion one must obtain pass mark in all the subjects in the term test. The decision taken by the school authority regarding promotion is final and shall not be reconsidered .
School Order and Discipline -
  • Running, playing and shouting inside the school building is never allowed. Pupils from one class should not visit their friends in other class rooms during class hours or free periods.
  • . Mobile phones and iPods are strictly forbidden in school. Such things found with the students will be confiscated which will not be returned.
  • It is necessary that all students should attend school in their full uniform. Those who are not in their complete uniform will not be given permission to enter class.
  • At the first bell, students are expected to move for the assembly and take their places.
Silence -

Special care must be taken by teachers and pupils to preserve an atmosphere of silence and serious work during class hours. Silence must be observed outside the principal's office in the Library and on the Corridors. Silence must be observed in the corridors , stairs during class hours and during change of periods.